-Rev. Elaine C. Saunders

Rev. Elaine C. Saunders

The Founder & Pastor of

Molding Disciples Ministries (M.D.M)

Rev. Elaine C. Saunders is the Founder and Pastor of Molding Disciples Ministries (M.D.M) in Rose Valley, PA. Pastor Saunders began her ministry in the field of social work in which she obtained a Master's Degree. For over 35 years, through the application of spiritual teachings, she has provided counseling to individuals and families in an effort to help them break strongholds of oppression and destruction over their lives.

Pastor Saunders is a licensed ordained elder who flows under an apostolic anointing. Upon receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit to teach God's Word to His people in 1997, she began her formal ministerial training at the School of Warrior Bible Training Center in Media, PA and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA.

In September 2005 the Lord enlarged her territory and commissioned her to open, Molding Disciples Institute of Biblical Studies (M.D.I.), located in Philadelphia, PA. M.D.I. is a two-year study course that educates Christian students to think and live biblically and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.

In 2013, led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Saunders founded Molding Disciples Ministries (M.D.M). Pastor Saunders' edifying style of teaching and preaching has blessed thousands of people throughout the United States; at retreats, conferences and evangelistic services.

Pastor Saunders is the wife of Bro. Tracy G. Saunders. She is also a mother and grandmother.  Pastor Saunders has penned multiple informative teaching tools, but her most notable books are "Healing Belongs To You" and "It’s Finished". Among her numerous accomplishments as a teacher, preacher, author and entrepreneur,

God has equipped her for an expanding life changing ministry.

Today, she continues to be a lifelong student of the word of GOD. 




To God Be All The Glory!

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